Tanzeem Adam

Respiratory Physiotherapist

Tanzeem has worked as a Chartered Physiotherapist for the past 16 years. She qualified from Coventry University in 2005 and began her career working for University Hospitals of Leicester, where she built on her foundational skills and specialised in respiratory physiotherapy, which has also been her area of passion. She has a wealth of experience in respiratory physiotherapy ranging from working in the Intensive Care Unit to managing long term respiratory conditions. Tanzeem has also been involved in innovative research projects which have included developing web-based rehabilitation programmes.

Tanzeem successfully transitioned her specialist skillset gained from working in acute hospital settings to the community and began working for Central London Community Healthcare. Here, she managed a range of respiratory conditions and created individualised, tailored treatment plans to manage symptoms within the home and in community venues. She has also delivered and developed pulmonary rehabilitation programmes as well as home- based rehabilitation programmes.

Currently, Tanzeem practices as a specialist respiratory practitioner. This involves treating patients during their respiratory journey from initial presentation, diagnosis and treatment. During this time she provides education, creates specific treatment plans and manages on-going review which can include modification of an individual’s treatment plan. This ultimately results in improved patient symptoms, quality of life and independence.

Tanzeem is involved in supporting patients diagnosed with Covid-19 and their recovery following hospital discharge. She is also involved in the development of the NHS long covid rehabilitation in the community.

At The Health Suite, Tanzeem offers Respiratory Physiotherapy and rehabilitation as part of our long-covid clinic. You can book an appointment with Tanzeem for Respiratory Physiotherapy here.

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