We Love The Planet Deodorant Stick

We Love The Planet deodorant stick consists of 100 Percent natural ingredients. There are no synthetic substances and aluminium added so that the deodorant is not harmful to your body.

Choose your favourite scent!

Don’t you like to have some choice, when it comes to the scent of your deodorant? We Love the Planet comes in 5 delicious ‘Flavours’ to choose from. The natural ingredients in the deodorant work soothing and moisturising, quickly absorbed and most importantly: keep you super fresh, all day long!

We Love the Planet deodorant is easy to apply and leaves the skin feeling velvety thanks to the coconut oil and beeswax while baking soda neutralises odours in a natural way.

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6 Scents:

  • Sweet Serenity: a subtle, warm scent that combines rose oil with a touch of herbs.
  • Original Orange: the irresistible and intense scent of Spanish Mandarin.
  • Lovely Lavender: a beautiful day in the provence lavender bushes in bloom.
  • Forever Fresh: the refreshing scent of pure citrus and herbs.
  • Mighty Mint: an invigorating scent, combining mint with rosemary.
  • So Sensitive: is specially formulated for people with hypersensitivity. This deodorant is hypoallergenic with a soft scent and mild effect. As a result, you may have to apply the deodorant twice a day

Additional information

Deodorant Flavours

Sweet Serenity, Original Orange, Lovely Lavender, Forever Fresh, Mighty Mint, So Sensitive