Adult Male Circumcision

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Circumcision is performed as an outpatient procedure under local anaesthetic, simplified the process is as follows:
• The entire foreskin is removed to leave the head of the penis exposed
• As well as looking different, your penis will feel different after the procedure
• Absorbable stitches are used which disappear after two to three weeks


What does this procedure involve?

The procedure involves complete removal of the foreskin. It is usually performed for one or more of the following reasons:
• a tight, non-retractile foreskin – known as phimosis;
• recurrent infections under the foreskin – known as balanitis;
• skin disease on the foreskin and glans (head of penis) – such as chronic inflammation;
• large warty lesions of the foreskin; or

What are the alternatives?

• Topical creams and washes (including short-term use of steroid cream) – for phimosis, these may decrease inflammation and relieve some tightness but symptoms often return once the treatment stopped. They are not suitable, or effective in all patients. Circumcision is usually necessary if topical agents fail.
• Dorsal slit of the foreskin – this involves incising (cutting) the tip of your foreskin to relieve the tightness which is preventing retraction. This retains the foreskin but allows it to be pulled back. We can perform this at the health suite. A full circumcision can be performed later if required.

How can I get a circumcision at the Health Suite?

You can book directly for an initial consultation with our Consultant Urologist – Mr Rai. At the consultation you will be seen and assessed for medications, risk factors and problems you are experiencing with your foreskin. You will be examined and the procedure explained to you.

If you are taking blood thinners or have a medical condition that might require extra support you may not be suitable for The Health Suite and may need referral to another unit, which we can facilitate.

What happens on the day of the procedure?

Your urologist will briefly review your history and medications and will discuss the surgery again with you to confirm your consent. It is advisable to wear loose, elasticated trousers or joggers. Patients may prefer to wear tight fitting underwear as this helps keeps the dressings in place for the first few days.

Purchase some Vaseline to use after the procedure and have a week off work afterwards.
Avoid exercise of heavy lifting for two to three weeks afterwards until the area has healed well. We advise avoidance of sexual activity for about 4 weeks after the procedure.

Details of the circumcision procedure

We carry out the procedure under a local anaesthetic.
Local anaesthetic nerve blocks provide post-operative pain relief
• we make a circular incision in your foreskin at a level just below the head of the penis and remove the whole foreskin; this leaves the glans (head of the penis) completely exposed
• we use dissolvable stitches to attach the skin of your penis to below your glans (see diagram); these stitches usually disappear within two to three weeks

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