General Dietetics

We know that much of good health and wellbeing starts in the gut and with our diet.



Whether you are concerned with your weight, being either under or overweight, require support to achieve a healthy balanced diet for your long-term health or struggle with irritable gut symptoms, Jenny our dietitian is able to assess your diet and support you going forward.

Jenny will help you by combining an evidenced-based approach with advanced behaviour change techniques and a friendly, non-judgemental manner providing expert knowledge and debunking nutrition myths.


Areas covered include:

  • Weight gain
  • Weight loss
  • Fertility support
  • Polycystic ovaries – PCOS
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome – IBS
  • Holistic review of plant based diets ensuring nutritional adequacy
  • Food intolerances
  • and much more...

Weight loss

If you would like support and guidance on how to move forward with the best possible diet for you, Jenny our dietitian can help. You may also be interested in our bespoke weight loss program

Tummy trouble

Problems with constipation, diarrhoea, unpredictable bowel habits, excessive wind or bloating? All of these can be caused by your diet. You do not need to suffer with tummy trouble any longer – it is not ‘just part of life.’ With the right support, you can be feeling great again.

Healthy Skin & joints

Do you live with random bouts of eczema, itchy skin, sore eyes, sore and inflamed joints? There is ever increasing evidence that diet plays a role in all of these issues. You may be suffering with gut inflammation, the symptoms of which can be widespread, chat with our dietitian to see if your diet is impacting your skin and joints.

Gut microbiome

Have you heard about the gut microbiome, or microbiotia? Confused by the difference between prebiotics and probiotics? Our dietitian Jenny would be happy to explain why keeping our gut healthy is so important for all aspects of our lives.  She can provide you with practical tips to take home and start improving your gut health from the moment you leave the clinic.

Vegetarian diets

Have you recently adopted a plant based or vegan diet? Have you ensured that this diet contains all of the calcium, B vitamins and iron you need? If the answer is no, please book in so we can check the nutritional adequacy of your diet and prevent long term complications like muscle wasting and osteoporosis from developing in years to come.

Fasting for health

Intermittent fasting? 5:2? Plant based diets? FODMAPS? Are you confused by the things you hear about diets on social media and in the news? Dietitians are regulated professionals who can educate you on the best diet for you, based on your age, gender and medical conditions.

Fertility & food

Trying to conceive is an emotional and often physically stressful time. Often compounded by the desire to keep your plans secret until you have that positive pregnancy test. We know that fertility is hugely impacted by our diet, with nutrition affecting every stage of the journey. In those with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis, diet is even more important, and our dietitian can help you, and your growing family on your journey to parenthood.

Pregnancy & food

Pregnant and want advice on how to stay well and healthy throughout pregnancy? Eating for two is really not as it sounds. Our dietitian can help minimise pregnancy weight gain, develop your baby’s brain and body to the very best of your ability and manage those dreaded early symptoms. Iodine is often overlooked as a nutrient during baby’s development – do you know if you are getting enough? Your baby’s health is quite literally in your hands from day one and with the right support you can be sure you are giving your baby the best start in life.

Weaning baby

Eating well and starting to feed your fast-growing baby can be a daunting challenge. Our dietitian would be delighted to guide you through your baby’s weaning journey – a hugely important step in their growth and development.  Baby’s first 1000 days are crucial for so many reasons, not least developing good nutritional habits and tastes and you are in charge of your baby’s eating journey. Jenny can help you to make it a pleasurable experience for all. Read more about the Baby Weaning course run by our dietitian, Jenny.

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