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At The Health Suite, our occupational therapists work with clients who experience a range of difficulties to provide rehabilitation programmes, activities or techniques

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Occupational therapists (OT) work with clients who experience a range of difficulties caused by a number of medical conditions or incidents.

Whether it be following a heart attack, surgery, orthopaedic trauma or just the challenges of older age, our occupational therapist will work with individuals to provide rehabilitation programmes, activities or techniques to help restore their previous level of function or adapt to their new one.


The OT will holistically assess what difficulties you are having in all activities of daily living, and work with you to set and achieve your own personalised goals.

They can help you overcome the effects of disability caused by injury or a medical condition, including long COVID, so that you can carry out tasks and increase your independence.

The aim is to restore your functionality and allow you to live a fuller life.

Some of the specialist areas covered by our OT include:

Functional Rehabilitation

Functional rehabilitation is the process of working towards returning to an individuals maximum level of independence, in the activities that are important to them. A person’s priority of their functional activities are as varied as the individual to whom they apply. For example some people will wish to focus on restoring their ability to live in their home independently with activities such as bathing and preparing meals. Whereas others will be looking to restore function in getting back to the gym, college or community activities.

Through a collaborative assessment process our OT and the client will identify the areas of functional difficulty in day to day life to focus a rehabilitation programme on. This can be focusing on one activity for a short period of time such as bathing or it maybe a more comprehensive programme to ensure that maximum levels of independence are reached across all areas of day to day life.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Brain and spinal injuries can be life changing. Our occupational therapist can support the rehabilitation process helping those affected and their families find their new version of normal. For some it will be to support a hospital discharge, adapt a new property and sourcing relevant equipment to maximise independence. For others we can work on community activities, daily routine, memory or fatigue management, cognitive function or returning to work.

Neurological rehabilitation under the care of an occupational therapist will consist of supporting and facilitating an individual to be as independent as possible in their daily life. For some this may involve focusing on improving reduced cognitive functions such as planning or memory, whereas for others it may be more focused on removing physical barriers to independence through well designed housing, assistive technology or equipment. Intervention is always goal orientated and focused around maximising and enabling independence, no matter what form this may take.

Housing & Equipment

Our occupational therapist specialises in housing and equipment provision. She is an expert in ensuring that the home environment meets both long and short-term needs. Our OT will use 3 factors in her assessment to shape the advice given. Firstly, she will look at how the client previously and currently lives their daily life in terms of their goals, routine and dependencies. Secondly, she will review the current or likely future physical environment, and thirdly she will assess the client’s previous, current and likely future level of physical and cognitive abilities and challenges, together with those of their carers or family. Once they have these key pieces of information they will use their skills and training to form recommendations to reduce physical barriers and maximise independence and safety.

Moving & Handling

We refer to moving and handling as the need to move freely around our environment. Sometimes the ability to complete this independently can be compromised temporarily or permanently due to illness or injury for example. It is when assistance maybe required that a moving and handling occupational therapist can help. Some of the activities a moving and handling expert may be involved in are advising carers on the safest way to support movement, recommending specialist equipment such as hoists and beds or developing more formal bespoke training and risk management plans.

Our Occupational Therapist at The Health Suite is Melanie Francis.

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