At The Health Suite, we offer sclerotherapy to effectively treat spider veins



Sclerotherapy is a cosmetic treatment, used to treat and improve the appearance of spider veins.

During the sclerotherapy procedure, a solution is injected directly into the veins using the smallest needle. There is no pain normally, but this also depends on the client’s tolerance level. The solution causes irritation to the lining of the blood vessel resulting in it sticking together and collapsing.

Over time your body will break down and absorb this tissue. This process causes the veins to eventually fade.


Most patients need between 2-4 sessions to get the result they are looking for.

Before undergoing sclerotherapy, a thorough assessment will be undertaken. All risks, side effects and benefits are discussed with you, so you can make a fully informed decision about the treatment.

Sometimes the practitioner may feel an ultrasound scan may be needed, to ensure no varicose veins are feeding your thread veins.

This can be organised, with minimal delay, and carried out in-house at The Health Suite by our consultant Radiologist.


Before the procedure, measurements will be taken for the correct size of stockings.

After you will be asked to position yourself on your front or back depending on where the spider veins are located. The smallest needle will be inserted very superficially, and the solution will follow. There is no pain normally, but this also depends also on your tolerance level.


It is normal to have some pain, bruising and swelling after the treatment.  You may need some painkillers which can be prescribed for you.  You might also experience itching in the treated area, which can easily be improved with antihistamines.

Compression stockings will also be provided to wear following the procedure, The stockings should be worn consistently for 48 hours and thereafter only during the day.

All activities should be continued as before and there is no downtime. You may even go to the gym the next day.

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30 minutes               £100

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30 minutes               £100

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