Professor Carlos Rivas-Echeverria

GP with a special interest in Sleep Medicine

Prof. Rivas-Echeverria is a GP with an extended role in sleep medicine, and proudly practices privately at The Health Suite.

He qualified in Venezuela in 1992, and completed specialist training in Internal Medicine, Intensive and Critical Care Medicine, Family and Community Medicine, a Masters in Sleep Medicine, a PhD degree, post-Doctoral fellowship in Sleep Medicine and Non-Invasive Mechanical Ventilation in Venezuela, Spain, the USA, and Canada. He is licenced to practice in the UK, Spain, and Venezuela.

Prof. Rivas-Echeverria has specialist expertise in sleep medicine, mainly sleep-disordered breathing, and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases (including obesity).

He undertakes sleep studies, split night sleep studies (polysomnography, in-home sleep test/home respiratory polygraphy for diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing and insomnia), sets up CPAP/Bilevel devices, CPAP titration, assessment of compliance, advancement mandibular devices, 24-47-72 hour ECG, 24-hour blood pressure monitor, non-invasive mechanical ventilation for acute or long-term conditions (COVID-19, long covid, heart failure, etc.), home visit for sleep studies (for bedridden patients only), online (video teleconsultation) treatment for insomnia.

Prof. Rivas-Echeverria is a dynamic GP and an A&E Consultant with a stellar track record in sleep medicine. He was the pioneer of sleep medicine in Venezuela. He has patented software and methods for diagnosing sleep Apnoea. He was a professor at the best University in Venezuela and has published dozens of scientific papers and chapters in textbooks. He is also part of several editorial committees and a reviewer for journals and conferences.


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