About us

We are specialists in bespoke, integrated, patient-centered healthcare and The Health Suite was the first of it’s kind in Leicester.

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Team around you

We make it personal and we build the team around you.

If you’ve ever found that your GP didn’t quite have enough time to hear all of your concerns, or you’re feeling unsure of who to trust when searching online in the fragmented wellness industry; You can turn to us.

The doctors at The Health Suite work alongside experienced practitioners with different skills across a range of disciplines. They all work collaboratively, with continuity and shared accountability. The Health Suite will offer many healing hands in one place, so people feel cared for in a holistic manner, allowing them to start seeing results.

Under one roof

We are interested in the whole of you, not just your physical symptoms.

We will work as a team to meet your needs, so you don’t have to search tirelessly for different solutions. The Health Suite offers everything in one place, guaranteeing convenience.

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We care about your physical, emotional and spiritual health, all under one roof.

At The Health Suite, we bring you what works from Eastern wisdom and natural healing, right alongside traditional Western Medicine. Because we believe in the best of both worlds and want you to benefit from the most powerful solutions.