Dr Dominic Greenyer

Director and GP

Dr Greenyer qualified as a doctor in 2007 from St Bartholomew’s and the Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry. Initially, practicing as a hospital general medical doctor before transitioning to General Practice where he now works as a GP Partner and trainer for junior doctors. He has extensive experience in providing face to face care in the out of hours GP setting. Having also worked in private healthcare for many years he has an appreciation of the patient’s experience and uses this to optimise patient care.

Dr Greenyer is a highly experienced GP providing services within the NHS as well as the private sector.  All of our GPs are interested in getting to the root of your problem, they will listen and give you time and find solutions with you that are holistic and multi-dimensional.

He has an interest in the integration of functional, lifestyle and classical western medicine to achieve the best outcomes for his patients. He is keen to explore the patient’s perspective on their conditions and work hand in hand to develop a shared management plan putting the patient first.

Dr Greenyer is also fully trained to safely operate our hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber having completed a course in Commercial m-HBOT Operations and training with the International Hyperbaric Association.

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