Antenatal Birth Preparation Course

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At The Health Suite, we offer an empowering three-week course for a positive birth experience Enquire now

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Our Antenatal Birth Preparation Course is designed to increase your understanding of how your body works, and the step-by-step processes that are taking place during pregnancy and the birthing process.

This knowledge supports expectant parents to feel better prepared for the process of giving birth.

All sessions are interactive, with incorporated practical elements to provide an opportunity for you and your birth partner (this can be whoever you choose to bring) to get involved. Enquire now


This three-week course will leave you feeling empowered and ready to have the most positive birth experience.

During the three sessions, we cover a variety of topics ranging from what happens during labour (physiology), the role that hormones play, available pain relief, how your pelvis works and recovery.

The support doesn’t end with the workshops, either. You will also have free access to the Antenatal Birth Preparation Course online to refer to and refresh yourself.

The Health Suite is pleased to offer this course over several weeks to provide a more relaxed atmosphere and an opportunity for you to absorb each session and explore your questions and concerns in subsequent weeks. The recommended time for this course is from 24 weeks gestation, to give you time to become familiar with the information and put into practice the positive techniques.

This course would make a great gift for soon-to-be parents.

The Antenatal Birth Preparation Course is delivered by Tasneem Peerjee.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, we are currently offering these sessions on a 1:1 basis – with just yourself, your partner and our Midwife present.

Meet the team

Tasneem Peerjee

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Booking and pricing

Three weekly sessions

Weekly 1:1 sessions, delivered by qualified and registered midwife, Tasneem Peerjee, delivered over 3 consecutive weeks.

3 sessions (2.5 – 3 hours each)                 £175 Enquire now

Group sessions

4 group sessions, delivered by qualified and registered midwife, Tasneem Peerjee

4 sessions (2 hours each)                 £175 Enquire now

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