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At The Health Suite, we offer top quality orthotics for our patients

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At The Health Suite, we use only top quality orthotics for our patients.

Each orthotic is custom-made using a combination of innovative 3D design software and manufacturing technology with biomechanical expertise to provide you with Podfo – one of the most advanced custom orthotics available.

Depending on your needs, some traditional orthoses can be too bulky and uncomfortable to wear. As a result, you may find yourself compromising comfort for necessity.


Thanks to 3D technology, we can now finely tune Podfo orthotics to your needs without compromising the structural integrity or the prescriptive functionality of the orthotic.

Your prescription can be as straightforward or as complex as you require. Podfo orthotics are tested to withstand 25 back-to-back ultra-marathons.

Your consultation will involve soft tissue analysis and gait analysis to identify any biomechanical abnormalities in the way you walk or run. The gait analysis will look at your joints and bone movement whilst you walk and will allow the practitioner to assess your individual requirements.

A precise imprint is taken of the foot and this data is used, in combination with your assessment. This ensures that the insole is bespoke to your individual prescription as well as your plantar surface, and can fully meet your needs.

Your Podfo orthotic can provide corrective foot control while supporting natural movement, allowing you to be more active.

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