Contraception Consultation



During this relaxed consultation, we will discuss your needs and preferred method of using or taking contraception. This is a very personal decision and we will empower you by providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. There is plenty of time in the consultation to cover any questions you may have.  Once your agreed method of contraception has been chosen and prescribed or fitted, we will give you the opportunity for regular follow up to ensure you are happy with your chosen method. We can also provide you with confidential emergency contraception.


We offer the following contraception services during or following your initial consultation:

Meet the team

Booking and pricing

Initial contraception consultation

Be individual to your needs

Available in person and as a virtual appointment

Have the opportunity to extend the appointment to include fitting of implant, coil or having the first injection.

30 minutes                  £60

A three month supply of short-acting contraception can be purchased at the clinic after your initial consultation.

Contraceptive Pill                 £25

Contraceptive Patches                 £45

Contraceptive injection                 £30