Contraceptive Implant

Long-acting reversible contraception, available at The Health Suite


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The implant is a form of long-acting contraception.

A small plastic rod is placed in the upper arm. It releases the hormone progestogen into the bloodstream, which prevents pregnancy.

The implant can remain in place for three years, providing continuous protection.


Long-acting reversible contraception

Our women’s health practitioners can go through the options and help you decide if the implant is the best choice for you, discuss the procedure in detail and answer any questions you may have. They will also be able to fit it for you in a comfortable and luxurious environment, where you won’t be rushed.

Meet the team

Booking and pricing

Initial contraception consultation

Your consultation will be carried out by our Specialist Nurse Practitioner Aly Dilks. The appointment can be booked here and will:

  • Last 30 minutes
  • Cost £60
  • Be individual to your needs

Consultations are available in-person and as virtual appointments.

You will also have the opportunity to extend the appointment to include fitting the implant.

30 minutes                    £60

Implant fitting

If you already know that the implant is right for you, you can directly book an appointment for fitting here. The implant fitting appointment will:

  • Last 30 minutes
  • Cost £200 for the fitting
  • Cost £140 for the implant (paid for at the clinic on arrival)
  • Be carried out in our comfortable, private clinic

30 minutes                    £200