Contraceptive Injection

At The Health Suite, we offer the contraceptive injection as an effective and safe method of contraception

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For those who don’t want long-acting contraception but find it difficult to remember to take the pill every day, the injection can be a helpful solution.

The contraceptive injection is repeated every 12 weeks.


If you are unsure whether this is the right contraceptive method for you, you can book an initial contraception consultation. Together with our nurse specialist, you can decide whether the injection is best suited to your preferences and needs.

We will provide regular follow up to ensure you are happy with your chosen method.

Your consultation will be carried out by our Specialist Nurse Practitioner Aly Dilks.

The appointment can be booked below and will:

  • Last 30 minutes
  • Cost £60
  • Be individual to your needs
  • Available in-person or as a virtual appointment

You also have the opportunity to extend the appointment to include having your first injection for £40.

If you already know that the injection is right for you or you had it before, you can directly book a follow-up appointment below.

The contraceptive injection follow-up appointment will:

  • Last 15 minutes
  • Cost £90
  • Include the cost of the injection

The contraceptive injection is carried out in our comfortable private clinic.

Meet the team

Booking and pricing

Initial contraception consultation

Carried out by our Specialist Nurse Practitioner Aly Dilks

Extend the appointment to include having your first injection for £40

30 minutes                  £60/£100

Contraceptive Injection

Contraceptive injection follow-up appointment, including cost of injection


15 minutes                  £90