Functional Reflex Therapy

Functional Reflex Therapy (FRT) is a combination of relaxation techniques drawn from Reflexology



FRT is designed for all children and adults with high levels of Anxiety, Autism, SEN and a range of disabilities. Using the Rainbow Routine, the release of feel-good hormones (natural Oxytocin being one of them) which helps with mood, and relaxation is encouraged. This also helps to reduce anxiety and supports wellbeing, alongside many other benefits.

This technique can be applied on the hands or feet.

Why is it different to general reflexology?

  • The repetition of each technique is increased.
  • The number of changes of techniques are reduced.
  • The INTENTION of the session always remains the same.
  • The framework and method make Functional Reflex Therapy unique by supporting communication and preparation for the client before, during and at the end of the treatment.

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Booking and pricing

initial appointment

Your initial appointment will last 1 hr and cost £45

60 minutes                  £45

Follow up appointments

Follow up appointments will last 40 mins and cost £35

40 minutes                  £35