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At The Health Suite, we believe that every woman deserves the time to explore her symptoms and discuss the options available

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Due to longer life expectancies, women are now spending approximately a third of their lifespan menopausal, and so managing the menopause is becoming an increasing part of women’s health.

However, due to time constraints in the NHS and sometimes, a lack of knowledge around the subject, many menopausal women are denied hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or can be prescribed less effective alternatives.

We acknowledge that a 7-10 minute NHS GP appointment is not enough to thoroughly discuss the many symptoms you may be experiencing due to the menopause.

At The Health Suite, we believe that every woman deserves the time to explore her symptoms and discuss all the options available.


How the clinic works

We understand that as women we are not all the same. Our diagnosis relies on listening to your symptoms and offering a treatment option specifically for you.

Here at The Health Suite, Aly follows NICE guidelines. She is able to prescribe body-identical HRT – hormones that are taken from soya beans and yams, which are identical in structure to the natural hormones produced in the body. These hormones are licensed, regulated and also available on the NHS from your GP. You will be prescribed HRT during your first appointment if this is the right treatment for you.

Body-identical HRT can sometimes be confused with bio-identical HRT which is offered at many private clinics. Bio-identical HRT (or BHRT) is not regulated or licensed and is therefore not recommended by The British Menopause Society.

This clinic is managed by Aly Dilks.

About menopause

Menopause is a normal event in every women’s lifetime – it is not an illness or a disease. It occurs when the ovaries stop producing eggs, causing the levels of the hormones oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone to fall.

In contrast, peri-menopause is the term used to describe the time when you may be experiencing menopausal symptoms but still having periods, even if these periods are lighter and less frequent.

During this time, the hormones oestrogen and progesterone fluctuate greatly leading to the symptoms of menopause that many women suffer. Low mood, heightened anxiety, mood swings, tearfulness and loss of confidence are common symptoms many peri-menopausal women report.

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30 minutes                  £85