Art Psychotherapy

Art psychotherapy offers a unique way to explore difficult issues

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Neuroscience has taught us that trauma and overwhelm are processed in the same area of the brain as art-making.

In art psychotherapy, there is the option to use art-making to gradually start to put difficulties into words and make sense of them, with the support of the art therapist.

We have a highly qualified therapist who draws on psychodynamic and psychoanalytic theory to inform her art therapy practice, which she adapts to suit the needs of each individual.

Art psychotherapy can be particularly helpful for those who find that words are not enough.

Art psychotherapy improves general well-being and can help with many presenting problems, including troubles of the following nature:

  • Mental or emotional health
  • Parenting & relationships
  • Identity
  • Difficult experiences
  • Neurodevelopmental conditions

There is some evidence that art psychotherapy may be beneficial to those suffering from physical ill-health due to stress, trauma, anxiety and psychosomatic conditions. Psychosomatic symptoms are experienced physically but when investigated, no underlying medical cause can be found.

Art psychotherapy is suited to both short-term and long-term therapy, though a minimum of six weeks is usually advised.

An initial consultation offers the opportunity to get a feel for art therapy and wonder together if art psychotherapy is likely to be a suitable option for you at the moment.

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