At The Health Suite, we offer cryotherapy for the treatment of a range of skin conditions



About cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is commonly used for the treatment of skin conditions including viral warts and skin tags.

It involves the use of liquid nitrogen which is sprayed directly onto the lesion causing localised damage and irritation. The individual’s own immune system then activates the healing and resolution of the underlying skin lesion.

Usually, a course of several treatments with cryotherapy is required to help resolve warts or verrucas.

In some resistant cases where the warts are not settling, other treatment options may be offered to you with our Podiatrist, Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon.

What you can expect

You may experience some initial discomfort, skin blistering, and redness in the area, determined by the size and number of lesions treated. This may be present for 1-4 days for feet and usually 1-2 days for hands.

Usually, you can return to daily activities straight after treatment. There may be more discomfort if a wart is treated over a weight-bearing area of the foot.

An initial consultation will be carried out with either a GP or podiatrist to guide the cryotherapy management. After this, your treatment can begin.

Meet the team

Booking and pricing

Initial consultation & treatment of up to 3 lesions

Initial consultation with up to three lesions treated


Initial consultation & treatment of large lesion

Initial consultation with large lesion or up to six lesions treated


Follow-up sessions

Follow-up sessions range from £30