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At The Health Suite, we are uniquely placed to offer functional medicine an alternative approach to conventional healthcare.

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Functional medicine is an alternative approach to conventional healthcare.

It looks at the root cause of illness rather than just the symptoms, where the whole body is managed as an integrated system instead of isolated organs and symptoms of a disease.

Functional medicine identifies why there is a problem and what can be done to restore optimal health and wellbeing. It is gaining increasing recognition as a viable method to treat the population’s increasingly complex healthcare needs.


Reinstating health by addressing the root cause of disease

The functional medicine approach is suitable for a variety of chronic health conditions.

During the functional medicine consultation, the doctor will take an in-depth history starting from before birth to the present day to highlight potential causes. These may include genetic predisposition and environmental factors that may be of significance to your health concerns.

Functional medicine tests may be necessary to collect further information.

Collectively, this information will be used to generate an individualised prescription to address and alleviate symptoms. This may include a combination of lifestyle medicine interventions, together with supplementation.

A personalised approach to health & wellbeing

Each person experiences disease or illness in their own way. Our functional medicine service recognises that and treats you as an individual.

By taking a personalised, patient-centred approach instead of a disease-centred approach, a bespoke prescription is generated. Evidence-based therapies are then applied to allow health and wellbeing to be restored.

Functional Medicine is offered by Dr Asiya Maula.

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