Mummy Nurture Mindfulness Group

Enjoy some ‘me time’ alongside your infant

mummy nurture-min


This art therapy group is for mothers and their infants, from pregnancy to 18 months old.


The aim of this group led by our art therapist is:

  • To utilise creative exploration with art materials to strengthen mother-infant bonding
  • Enhance parenting capacity through the exploration of short ‘me time’ techniques and the exploration of enhancing wellbeing alongside your child
  • Reflect on aspects of motherhood and the mother-infant relationship at a deeper level in a safe, supportive and therapeutic group, using a combination of art exploration and verbal reflections.

As a by-product, this group provides the opportunity for infants to develop relational and motor skills.


In this instance, the word ‘mother’ is used to describe any person identifying as the infant’s mother.

For those who would benefit more from some ‘me-time’ alone, the Women’s Art Therapy Group may be more applicable.

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