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Occupational Health (OH) teams keep people well at work – physically and mentally. Research shows that good health is good for business and better workplaces have better financial results. Every year over 170 million days are lost to sickness absence. The cost to UK business is estimated to be £100bn each year.

Research shows that the longer people are off sick, the less likely they are to make a successful return to work. When businesses routinely refer to OH, sickness absence rates typically reduce by over 50% for most organisations.OH professionals provide independent advice on staff unable to work due to long-term or short-term intermittent health problems, and organisational wide steps to reduce sickness absence.


OH professionals can:

  • Assess fitness to work regarding ill-health capability dismissal or ill-health retirement
  • Advise on compliance under the Equality Act 2010 (including disability, pregnancy and age discrimination) and temporary or permanent changes to the work or workplace (‘reasonable adjustments’)
  • Carry out pre-employment or pre-placement health assessments
  • Develop health and wellbeing related strategy and policies and can provide health advice to employees

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