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At The Health Suite, personal training comes with a difference



At The Health Suite, personal training comes with a difference.

Our personal trainers (PTs) are keen to bring the very latest developments in health and fitness research to their personal training sessions. They strive to stay at the forefront of the exercise research landscape to ensure that their clients achieve the best results possible.

This includes those individuals who may not be used to exercising and those who suffer from chronic disease.


In health-focused personal training, the priority is on developing training programmes centred around you and your health.

Our personal trainers (PTs) will work with you and other healthcare providers at The Health Suite to ensure that you get a personalised exercise and lifestyle plan.

For us, this is the most important part. It should be personal!

The best results always come from a programme that is designed with you and your current lifestyle in mind. Our PTs will strive to find out what your potential barriers to exercise are and work out ways that we can overcome them.


We do not want to give you a generic 6-week exercise programme and send you on your way.

We want to help you with your own health and fitness journey. Whether you are already a committed exerciser or the thought of exercise fills you with dread, we can help.

Personal training is delivered by Phil McBride.


We also offer a comprehensive weight loss program which you can learn more about below

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