Pregnancy Massage

At The Health Suite, we offer massage to support the body through the changes of pregnancy

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Pregnancy massage is a relaxing treatment aimed at helping pregnant women through this special time. The massage targets all areas of the body which are put under strain during pregnancy, especially the lower back, hips and pelvis.

Pregnancy massage can be of huge benefit – not only to the mother but also to the unborn baby.

Massage during pregnancy can be a magical experience. It can physically and emotionally support a woman during a time when her body is undergoing many changes and can help prepare her body for birth.

Pregnancy massage is not suitable in the first trimester.


The benefits of massage during pregnancy are vast – with so many potential symptoms affecting women during pregnancy, a massage can be just what you need to help you feel better and more like yourself. Some of the benefits include:

  • Deep relaxation of the Mind and Body
  • Reduction in aches and pains caused by changes in posture and weight. Massage helps to increase the range of movement and soothe pain.
  • Helps to improve sleep – when you need it most
  • Slowing you down and helping you to focus on your pregnancy and the growing baby inside you. This can help with bonding and building a connection with your baby before they are born
  • Massage can help you deal better with contractions during the first stage of labour
  • Easing pelvic pain and sciatica, by gently massaging the pelvic area, buttocks and legs
  • Reducing foot and ankle swelling and discomfort

When options for pain relief and other treatments are limited during pregnancy, massage is a wonderful way to gain some relief, relaxation and restoration.

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Pregnancy massage at The Health Suite is offered by Kavina Minhas.

Pregnancy massage

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