Long Covid Clinic

For those experiencing the long-term side effects from coronavirus infection, let us help you by addressing your symptoms and supporting your recovery

The Health Suite can support you in your rehabilitation process by designing a personal and holistic package, based on the symptoms you are experiencing after Covid-19 infection.

This consists of therapies that address your symptoms and assist you in the journey to restoring your wellbeing and reaching optimal wellness.

Most people who suffer from coronavirus have a short-lived infection lasting weeks. However, some individuals continue to experience long-term debilitating symptoms post-infection, detrimentally affecting their quality of life. This has been termed Long Covid.

Symptoms experienced by those suffering from Long Covid

These can vary from individual to individual. Commonly reported symptoms include extreme fatigue, problems with memory and concentration, negative effects on mood and anxiety, feeling short of breath, and suffering from chest pain or a fast heart rate.

What we know so far

Research is still ongoing.

The exact pathophysiology is still poorly understood, but there is some belief that the symptoms result from inflammatory damage that the virus causes to an individual’s organs, nervous system and immune system.

So far it is thought that women are at higher risk of developing Long Covid and age may play a factor too. It is thought that those who suffer from a greater number of symptoms within the first week may be more at risk, the severity of symptoms is not necessarily related to the development of Long Covid.

Long Covid may affect anyone, there seems little discrimination between those who are healthy from those with pre-existing medical conditions.

GP Appointment

To startone of our expert GPs will take a history and examine you.

This will include monitoring your heart rate and blood pressure, and ordering some initial tests including blood panels, an ECG, a chest x-ray and lung function tests.

Together, you will design a personalised programme of treatment to address your symptoms related to Long Covid and achieve your goals. This doctor you see at this stage will also be available to you at any part of your journey to answer questions or address any concerns you may have.

Included Treatments

A treatment plan will be individualised to the symptoms you are experiencing.

This may include various components from the following options:

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